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Rails Namespaced Scaffold Generator


When I must create a project with an admin panel, I need to do it fast and my choise for this purpose was rails’ scaffold generators. But I must add an :admin namespace for all of my controllers for the admin panel. Rails’ default scaffold generator has not a feature like that. So I find a solution with rails admin scaffold gem. This gem is simply make a namespace for scaffold controllers and organize urls and paths accordingly.


Add rails-admin-scaffold gem to gemfile of project

gem 'rails-admin-scaffold'

After that, we must generate our model and it’s admin namespaced controller separately.

rails g model Comment title:string description:text
rails g admin:scaffold_controller Comment title:string description:text

You can also determine parent controller with --parent_controller option like that;

rails g admin:scaffold_controller Comment title:string description:text --parent_controller=admin

This command will generate an admin namespaced comment controller that inherit from admin controller. class Admin::CommentsController < AdminController


This simple gem is a time saver when you want to use rails’ scaffold generator for an admin panel. It has Rails 4 support and haml, jbuilder options. I wish you can save time with this gem in your next project :)

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